I am big gay. Die.

taking over waterfall's crime scene

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warm up sketch 1

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I eventually want to draw all of my villagers! Here's a drawpile doodle of Rosie and Antonio! 💕

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Sebunnnnnn again. Shes so soft and so cozy.

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Mermay Day 1 - Deep Sea

it is time!!!! this year im doing this cool color palette challenge (from @artes_da_nat on Insta)

Vintage Cat stickers by Sandylion

no gender only rage

hue hue gay frog

feeling proud of my museumn so far


i love my kitties

Lizard Wizard

lizard wizard

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This elf turned out surprisingly happy! He’s my main character in Elder Scrolls Online: Elming Butternut

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I spent almost an hour looking for this in all my files and it was saved by the SINGLE reblog from my friend on tumblr all the way back in 2016,, I'm so glad I didn't lose this because it's so stupid and I still love it so much.

Ell'ian orders a McLizard.

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haven't watched this in years, but i drew this for a friend

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Constant mood XD

Study date on civilizations lost

[ID: a digital painting of Lup and Barry from The Adventure Zone: Balance in something like impression of pink toned swirl of flower petals. Lup is a brown elf with dark hair. She has pierced ears, bracelets and rings in on her hands. Barry is a white human in his middle age with light brown hair and big black glasses on his nose. They are both in long red robes, crop tops and jeans. They both sit on the ground. Lup embraces Barry from behind with her left hand, stretches her right hand far up. She leans her head on his shoulder, her face full of excitement. Barry leans in to her and looks at her softly with loving amusement. He rises his hands as he uses magic to make several books float around them. In the background far away behind them there are some shapes reminding pillars, they seem pinkish under bright white light. End ID]

In a week

“And they’d find us in a week When the buzzards get loud After the insects have made their claim After the foxes have known our taste After the raven has had his say I’d be home with you, I’d be home with you”

In A Week · Hozier · Karen Cowley

one person on tumblr tagged my previous artwork with this song, and lets just say that i just started to listen to Hozier a lot when before i wouldn't do that at all. Thank you

[ID: Two warm toned digital paintings of Lup and Barry from the Adventure Zone: balance in a background full of flowers. Lup is an elf with brown skin and Barry is a white human in his middle age. They both wear red robes. They lie on the ground and embrace each other tightly. They both face each other with eyes closed and happy calm look on their faces. The second is the same, but bodies changed into skeletons and flowers started to grow on them. End ID]

How do i draw two skeletons look TENDER?????????

This question has never been as real as now

[ID: a digital painting in red-orange scheme depicting two skeletons in red robes. They softly bump with their foreheads. One of them gently brushes a cheek of their partner with their skeleton hand. The second one holds onto that hand with theirs. Second image is the same, but skeletons are softly blushing. End ID]

ahh yes, Dr. Harris Bonkers PhD and his gay moms

[ID: a warm digital painting of Aubrey Little, Dani and Dr. Harris Bonkers PhD from The Adventure Zone Amnesty lying next to each other. Aubrey is a black woman with kinky red hair and bright orange makeup around her eyes. She wears a blue vest, a croptop, bracelets and a pendant with a large glowing orange crystal. Dani has light brown skin and blonde hair and has a cherry lipstick on her lips. From her mouth stand out two large fangs. She wears a black blouse and a bracelet made of black rocks. Dr. Harris Bonkers PhD is a white rabbit. They all lie on the ground. Aubrey on her back and holding Dani's hand. Dani on her side and embracing Aubrey. Dr. Harris Bonkers PhD lies between Aubrey's neck and arm, with butt and back facing her head. End ID]

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In case anyone was wondering how I feel about The State of Things right now

Nidorino Colour Palette Challenge

based on the FireRed/LeafGreen sprites~

hng literally i collect so many stuffed animals and now my room is filled so i had to clear out another room just to put more fucking stuffed animals in
rilakkuma merch be like: im taking up your entire fucking bed